Ship Faster with Confidence

Eliminate risk and deliver value using feature flags. Deploy code when you want, and release features when you're ready.

Built for Engineering and Product Teams

Companies large and small use Unlaunch to release features faster and confidently to delight their users

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Gradually expose features or services to your users. Kill misbehaving features within seconds without code deploys.

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Safely test incomplete features in production and use targeting rules to get feedback from your team, testers or friends.

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In emergencies, disable misbehaving features instantly and recover gracefully from external failures.

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Dynamically deliver features and configurations changes to your code within seconds.

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Unlaunch uses a low over-head approach to sync feature flag and configuration changes within seconds. All feature flags are downloaded and evaluated locally within your code for maximum performance. Our SDKs are compliant to privacy policies such as GDPR or CCPA and your users' PIIA never leaves the SDK.

We speak your language

Start using feature flags in your code using one of our SDKs

Build a Culture of Delivering Value to Your Users

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Built for High-Performance Teams

Easy integration. It takes just a few minutes to create and use your first feature flag.

High Performance. Our SDKs minimize data transfer and flags are typically evaluated in microseconds.

Enterprise grade architecture. Designed to handle billions of events per hour.

Data Privacy. Your users data is evaluated by SDKs and never sent to our servers.

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