Why Feature Flags?

Originally used in large enterprises, feature flags have been gaining rapid popularity and are now an important part of modern, fast paced software development.

Feature flags empower developers to continuously deliver software to their users while maintaining complete control.

why feature flags

Feature Flags

Unlaunch provides everything your team needs to build better software, faster using feature flags.

Our feature flags can be simple on/off, multivariate and support dynamic configurations.

Our web dashboard, the Unlaunch Console, will give you complete control and provides real-time insights and troubleshooting tools. Any change you make to feature flag through the Console will be propagated to SDKs within seconds.

Target Users Without Sharing Private Data

When you are ready to launch your feature to production, use targeting rules to target users by IDs, groups such as QA or marketing team or by attributes.

Unlaunch supports many different types of attributes that allow you to target by software version, geography, or any other criteria.

Unlaunch server-side SDKs evaluate all flags locally and do not send your users' data or PIIA over the internet.

Use Roll Outs to Limit the Blast Radius

Use rollout to gradually deliver a new feature to your users. This minimizes the blast radius and allows you to understand the impact on your resources in a controlled manner.

Also known as progressive delivery, rollout a new feature that fits your risk tolerance and gauge the impact.

Read: Canary releases using feature flags.

Instant Kill Switch - Don't RollBack

Easily turn features off, just as easily you can turn them on.

If you notice a problem with a feature, hide it from your users within seconds with a push of button. No rushed code changes, rollbacks or hotfixes.


Unlaunch has you covered with SDKs for all major programming languages and frameworks.

Developers Focused Features

Unlaunch is built for developers. We are constantly adding new features and integrations to make it easier and fun to use feature flags.

Team Work

Invite and collaborate with your team on Unlaunch. We have built-in permissions based access control so you can let everyone on your team access the Unlaunch Console.


Integrate Unlaunch with your favorite tools to maximize coordination within and between teams.

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