Ship fast, ship often, ship the right features

Today's software is released many times a week or day. Deploying that often is risky and can get complex (feature branches of the git flow.) A bad release or feature can impact your customers and key metrics.

With Unlaunch, you gain precise control over live experience, never exposing a feature until it is fully ready, slowly rolling out features to build confidence and disabling a misbehaving feature almost instantly.

why feature flags

A platform that grows as you grow

Unlaunch is built for teams of all sizes. No matter whether you are in the crawl, walk, or run stage of your company, Unlaunch is for you

Most of our users are startups who started with a simple on/off use case and then as they grew, they started utilizing more advanced features of Unlaunch such as Experimentation, Teams and Access Control, Enhanced Metrics and more.

Unlaunch is Free

We are on a mission to make feature flags accessible to all developers regardless of the size of their company.

Unlaunch has a generous free tier that will always remain free. Collaborate with your team, use roll outs, targeting, insights and many additional features that will always remain free.

All our SDKs are open-source.

Designed for modern engineering teams

Developers. Commit code to master branch early and often, without worrying about negatively impacting users.

Product Managers. Get precise control over the roll out process, without needing to bother engineering. Once a feature is behind an Unlaunch feature flag, easily roll it out to users as per the plan, target beta users, share it with internal teams to get feedback. Always be aware of the status with our Jira integration. Run A/B tests to let data drive your decisions.

QA and SDETs. The only environment that really mimics production is the production. Enable new features only for the QA team on production and test in production.

Privacy. GDPR and CCPA

We take your, and the privacy of your users, very seriously. Your users' data is never sent over the internet and doesn't leave the SDK.

The SDKs will only send anonymized data such as metrics or events that your track, but do not include any user attributes including user IDs and other PIIA.

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