Our Story

Software releases are stressful. We have all experienced anxiety after pushing that new feature we've been working so hard on for weeks or months to the production environment.

Our co-founders did too. Over the years, they led or worked as part of engineering teams in diverse organizations from startups to big gaming companies to some of the largest websites in the world.

It was the same story everywhere: software releases were far from efficient. Issues were regularly discovered in production. Pre-production environments helped only so much. Discovering issues often meant that someone had to push emergency code commits often in the evenings or weekends. Feature releases often required sign-offs from multiple teams and long-running git branches were the norm.

So we set out to build a tool from the ground up to make releases faster and safer. Being engineers themselves, they wanted to keep it as simple as an if/else statement, fast, reliable and fault-tolerant. Their vision was to do release management, what GitHub did for source code management.

We are proud that we have created a product that we love and use ourselves.

Now developers can use Unlaunch to decouple deployments from releases, reducing long running code branches and requiring coordination across teams. Kill a feature or roll back instantly to reduce the risk without pushing out code.

We believe that release management needs a lot of love and work. Our goal is to foster a tool and a community that can teach and benefit everyone.

Unlaunch is built by a small but passionate team of software engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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