Move fast, but maintain control and limit the blast radius

Progressive delivery builds upon the core tenets of CI/CD. With it, organizations can ship code faster and decrease the risk by limiting the 'blast radius' or number of users exposed before the bad change is detected.

With Unlaunch, you gain precise control over live experience, never exposing a feature until it is fully ready, slowly rolling out features to build confidence and disabling a misbehaving feature almost instantly.

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What is Progressive Delivery?

Progressive delivery allows you to gradually roll out changes or new features to your users. Developers start by exposing the feature to their team only, then QA, then all employees, and then to incrementally increasing proportions of users.

It is a natural evolution of continuous delivery and lowers the risk significantly.

Progressive Delivery with Unlaunch

Unlaunch is built for progressive delivery. Roll out a new feature gradually, target specific users or segments, and turn features on or off almost instantly.

Progressive Delivery with Unlaunch

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